Raw Chocolate Favours

Can you imagine a chocolate that is actually good for you?  Well, technically it is the cacao that is good for you being high in anti-oxidants.  Cacao is a superfood with many health benefits.  Cacao is also reported to increase the feeling of love and can ‘open the heart chakra’.  What better way then can you say, “I love you” than with the gift of chocolate and a chocolate that everyone can eat. 

Let me introduce to you Emma of Zimt Artisan Chocolates.  A Vancouverite with a commitment to veganism ( coming up on 6 years), the raw food movement,  and of course, chocolate.  Emma drew on her passions to bring Zimt into being with a purpose of providing a local, accessible, healthy alternative unlike any other chocolate option.

Zimt Artisan Chocolates are the perfect wedding favour.  Made without dairy, with fair trade ingredients, diabetic friendly and produced locally, the petite chocolates are the best wedding favour; one that is consumable.  Zimt also has 9 different varieties of bars and any of these can be made into a mini for weddings.

When Emma began Zimt last year she had always dreamed of running her own business.  After learning about raw food and committing to healthier lifestyle she decided to begin her own chocolate line in late 2010.  She spent the following summer working in the kitchen to perfect her chocolate, her brand and her packaging.  She chose the name Zimt, meaning “Cinnamon” in German to honour her first language and her heritage.  With support from her family, especially her grandmother, Emma works hard to produce a line of chocolate that is eco-friendly and ethically made.

Zimt Artisan Chocolate is an exhibitor at The Grassroots Wedding  Mini Spring ‘Pop-Up’ Fair this weekend.  Come by and taste it for yourself.

2 responses to “Raw Chocolate Favours

  1. Yes, Raw chocolate is definately the way forward. 🙂

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