DIY Spring Decor

One of the reasons for wanting to have two shows this year is to display seasonly-themed wedding decor. Using repurposed vintage bedding and lace curtains this handmade fabric garland will be on display at the Mini Spring Pop-Up Fair.  To reflect the West Coast spring colours, yellow is our main colour theme at the upcoming show on April 21st.

Cutting fabric rounds of 3-4 inches and sewing them in mixed colours of 10 circles each we are creating beautiful and easy fabric garlands.  Each bundle is knotted along the string to ensure they all stay neatly in place.  All fabric used was collected from thrift shops and given new life.  The wonderful thing about this type of garland is that it can reused to decorate almost any event post-wedding.

The paper pinwheels are cut from pages in an old German book that was marked for recycling.  The text and font are quite exquisite.  The pages are folded accordian style and then 2 sheets are glued together to create the circle.  When cut in different dimensions and used together in a display they create a lovely backdrop. 

All handmade elements and many more will be on display at The Grassroots Wedding Fair Mini Spring Show

Article and photos by Shona Dion, sweet earth photographics.


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