Floral Inspirations

(photography by Simply Rose)

Onyx Harris of Amoda Flowers is on a mission.  Her mission is to create beautiful sustainable bridal bouquets for those couples looking to tread lightly on the earth.   Providing not only  bouquets, Amoda Flowers creates stunning and unique centrepieces and can help discerning couples with eco-friendly wedding favours such as herb plants, seedlings and seed packets.

(2 above photographs Simply Rose)

All floral arrangements shown here are creations of Amoda Flowers. 

“Picking flowers in season is always a good place to start. This way your flowers should be hold up well with the weather of your wedding day. Their travel has also been short therefore they are more sustainable and better quality. Here is just a sampling of the lovely seasonal flowers I’d suggest:

Spring : Peony, Iris, Anemone.
Summer: Allium, Calla Lily, Hydrangea, Delphinium, Scabiosa.
Fall: Kale, Dogwood, Solidago.
Winter: Tulips, Ranunculus, Cherry Blossom. Cymbidium Orchid.

Here are a few flowers that are available most of the year: Roses, Gerbera Daisies, Lily, Freesia, Chrysanthemum.”  Onyx Harris

(2 above photographs Snap Weddings)


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