Green wedding locales – Xenia Retreat Centre


Xenia Retreat Centre is a beautiful space nestled amidst old growth trees on Bowen Island.  Being only a short distance from the mainland it is a welcome space to host a wedding and have that wedding continue for more than just one day. 

With sleeping arrangements available ( and more on the Island itself) at the centre and a full kitchen for your use, plan a wedding that can include staying the night and celebrating again with your guests the next morning with a homemade pancake breakfast.

Xenia is also a small working farm which helps create many diverse backdrops in which to celebrate.  An enclosed peaceful garden also allows guests to gather their thoughts and rest amongst the flowers. 

The forest surrounds the centre and as  a great centrepiece Opa,  an old growth tree, is the perfect location to hold a meaningful wedding ceremony.   Surrounded by trees, family and friends, Xenia offers a very unique green setting for couples looking to wed a little differently.

The centre also hosts a labryinth which creates yet another space in which to slow down and feel grounded in an otherwise busy celebration.



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