The sweet scent of a natural parfum.

On a beautiful yet crisp day in November I was lucky enough to finally attend  a tea party and perfume launch with Ayala Moriel Parfums.  The tea and the fantastic homemade delicacies prepared by Ayala Moriel were served on the beautiful ceramic wares of Eikcam Designs.

I have followed Ayala for a little while now as what she creates is unique and in this chemical-infused world, a welcome alternative to highly processed scents.   Ayala Moriel has a line that includes not only the handcrafted perfumes, but teas, candles, bath salts and balms.

Above is the Zangvil Tea that Ayala launched accompanied by the new Cocoa Nymph chocolate bar, White Potion, that was created in collaboration with Ayala.  The tea is a white tea scented with jasmine and flavoured with candied ginger and vanilla bean.

The white chocolate bar is made with coconut for a smooth creamy texture, but is not too sweet. White Potion bar is based on the perfume of that name and also has tuberose flower essence in it, which is what makes it so special and different from all other chocolates in the world!

Above are a few baked homemade goodies: ginger-orange icebox cookies, Halva and snowballs.

Ayala offers tea and scent parties to interested brides-to-be.  These parties include her signature teas, handbaked cookies, sandwiches and a tutorial with the opportunity for guests to create their blended perfumes.  Her tea parties for brides can have up to 15 people.

The personalized perfume making workshops have space for only 6 people. Participants can create their own labels to go with their personal fragrances.  The process takes up to three hours and guests can chat and eat locally sourced treats handmade in Ayala’s kitchen.

 Her Zangvil Tea debuted at this event, but we were all warmed first with a delightful chai tea served in Eikcam teapots and cups.

The pears were most excellent having spent the morning marinating in wine and vanilla pods . . . yummy goodness.  The pears were marinated with ginger, citron fruit, vanilla, honey & Riesling.  These were just one of the many courses offered. 

The tea sandwiches pictured below are Asian pear with cheddar & quince mustard .  I believe these were my favourite!

For more information on scent bridal parties please contact Ayala directly at . Eikcam ceramic ware can be purchased through Grace Lee’s studio in the Mergatroid Building on Vernon Street in Vancouver or if you make it out to One of a Kind, Grace will be exhibiting there next week!  Cocoa Nymph can be found online and at Portobello Market.

photos by sweet earth photographics


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