The Organic Sleep Solution

Sleep is a luxury at times.  In this busy life our nighttime respite from the every day is gold.  Unfortunately for the majority of us our beds are not always the safe havens they should be. 

A completely safe and sustainable bedding system is definitely a financial investment, but one that will pay off immediately.  What better way to invest in a more sustainable sleep system by creating a wedding registry that can address all of your nighttime needs.  Organic latex mattress alone can last between 20 and 30 years!

inBed Organics is a local and sustainable company that is unique in its custom mattresses and bedding.  It is also the only company in Canada to offer a complete certified organic sleeping experience.  Their custom-made 100% organic latex mattresses are certified through very strict European and North American standards.

All sewing for inBed Organics is done in-house.  This includes duvets, sheets,  pillows and pillowcases made from organic wools, organic cottons, hemp, natural wood fibres and even shredded organic latex.  Their products are many and can easily be ordered online from their website. 

Jem, the owner of inBed Organics ,started her company Organic O’Canada five years ago when she started asking questions about what her and her family were sleeping on and her own education process began.  Jem believed in a healthy bed and found limited choices available to her in Canada.    What she found about the chemicals added to mattresses to make sure that they are flame retardant left her feeling deceived, angry and mislead.  She began Organic O’Canada as a ‘basic human right’ for anyone concerned about what they were sleeping on. Her advice, “Do your research.  Educate yourself and do not always believe what sales people will tell you.”  Many ‘organic’ mattresses may only have components that are organic without the whole process following those guidelines.

inBed Organics has a wealth of information available through their website and is definitely worth a visit to learn more about how organic latex mattresses can help you live a healthier lifestyle.  For all your wedding needs set up an appointment for a consultation and visit their Vancouver showroom to arrange your registry and allow your family and friends to contribute to a complete organic sleep system. 

article by Shona Dion

photography by sweet earth photographics


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