Chocolatier extraordinaire

The Home Grow-In Cambie Market part II.

Wendy Boys of Cocolico has been around chocolate a long time.  Coming from a background as a pastry chef she ventured out on her own in 2008 and hasn’t looked back.  Her signature chocolate, Vanilla Salt Caramel with Peanut Butter Crunch, was voted by Vancouver Magazine in 2008, as one of the “101 Things to taste before you die”( as previously mentioned in our article, Home Grow-In Part I).  It was a good start for Cocolico.

By 2009 her distributor needed more product and her line expanded and is now in over 100 stores across Canada with 8 different chocolate products.  From the Blim Sunday Market to Portobello and Edible B.C. she has also kept her business in the local community.  She now operates as a co-operative owner at The Home Grow-In Cambie Market and has a beautiful display with many products on hand to purchase. 

And what interests us the most today is that she also makes her chocolates available as wedding favours.  Wendy is able to customize her 2 piece boxes and coordinate them with ribbon and stickers to match a wedding’s colour scheme. 

Cocolico will be at The Grassroots Wedding Fair on February 12 with a table full of chocolate goodies to sample and to purchase.  Pick up a box for your sweetheart and sample what can only be the most luxurious of wedding favours.


article by Shona

photos by sweet earth photographics


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